Liquid Laundry Detergent (25 oz or 50 oz)

12 - 16 oz liquid household cleaner (no spray bottles)

12 - 28 oz liquid dish soap

aerosol can or pump air freshener

personal insect repellent spray (6 - 14 oz)

hand-held scrub brush (plastic or wooden handle)

reusable handiwipes

dry cellulose or foam sponges

scouring pads (NO Brillo, SOS or other metal)

clothespins; clothesline (50 or 100 ft cotton, plastic or nylon)

heavy duty trash bags (35 - 45 gal; 1 - 2 mil)

dust masks

disposable kitchen gloves

work gloves (heavy duty cotton or leather)




children's scissors, rounded tip

8-1/2 x 11 notebook paper or single subject notebooks

pencil sharpener

ruler - 30 cm

eraser (2 in)

crayons, 24 count ONLY;

ClothTote Bag (14" x 16" - heavy duty fabric)




Don't know what to do with those old computers sitting around - here's the answer:  Mission Central's Computer Ministry collects computers and computer hardware and then recycles or refurbishes them and donates the equipment to ministries and organizations that need equipment and computer support.
They will also safely remove all personal information.


Monetary Donations are also Welcome!

Make checks payable to FAWN UMC noting HUB in the memo.

Mail to Fawn UMC, Attn; HUB, 67 S. Market St, Fawn Grove, PA 17321