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Beverly Whiteford was baptized at Fawn United Methodist Church and has many fond memories of Sunday School, Church Choir and other church activities throughout her life.  Recognizing the importance of the church and the community in her life, Bev leads the Connect Ministry to encourage interaction and friendship among all people that God leads through our doors.  She truly feels that God has given every person a special gift to share and is truly blessed to feel the love of God in her life. 

Mike Wernig is a husband and father of four who has lived in this area for most of is life. He has found Fawn Church to be a wonderful place to worship the Lord, learn, grow and deepen his relationship with Jesus. Life has it challenges and Mike will tell you that following and walking with the creator of the universe is essential for navigating through and enjoying life. Mike and his wife Laura have taught children and adult Sunday school and Mike plays guitar in the Fawn praise band. Through participating in these ministries he has met so many wonderful friends that he is very thankful for. Mike works as a mechanical engineer and has a small farm in Delta, PA. Mike enjoys the outdoors when not working and can often be found hiking, running, backpacking or cruising across the bay on his kite board.

Laura Wernig has been married for over 30 years to her husband Michael and they have four children.  Laura resides in Delta, PA.  She enjoys traveling to new places and started backpacking a few years ago with her husband.  It’s a challenging way to travel, but rewarding in its views and grandeur. Laura has placed her faith and trust in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  Growing closer in relationship to Christ through Scripture, prayer, worship, and fellowship with other believers has been a blessing and a joy.  The people of Fawn Church were very much part of the pathway that helped lead her into a relationship with Jesus.  She will forever be grateful for that.  Laura loves reading and studying the Scriptures.  She currently facilitates an adult Sunday school class at Fawn church with her husband and helps with projection at worship.    

Mike & Laura Wernig

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Ministry Leadership

Tina and Jeff Billings serve as our Children's and Youth Ministry Directors. 

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Dave grew up in York county, in a family that valued God’s presence in their lives and who modeled walking with Jesus even when things got messy in life.   From a young age he captured a love for the outdoors and continues to hunt, fish, and camp with his wife Mandy and two boys Isaac and Ben. Sensing a call to pastoral ministry in his youth it wasn’t until attending Elizabethtown College that he answered God’s call in his life. 

Dave went on to attend Evangelical Theological Seminar in Myerstown PA, while at the same time serving as a youth pastor for a church in Lykens PA.  After graduation Dave served two churches in the Sunbury PA area until coming to Fawn UMC in 2010.   

Tina and Jeff Billings

Children's and Youth Ministry Directors

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Connie Richardson serves as our organist for our 11 a.m. service. 

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