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Do you have a question about the Bible?  Do you want to know more about how the Bible applies to our world today? Maybe you just need further clarification on something the Pastor said in one of his sermons. Well here is the place to ask Pastor Tim a question! Just complete the "Ask a Question" box below and follow the steps. If you would like Pastor Tim to contact you regarding your question, please leave a valid email address in the space marked "email". You can also remain anonymous by leaving your name, phone number, and email blank. Pastor Tim may find your question to be excellent and want to share it with others in a public forum (without identifying who asked the question of course). If you do not wish to have your question shared publicly, please select the "Do not share question publicly" box. You may also leave the "Do not share question publicly" box empty, and simply remain anonymous. Just leave the name, email, and phone number option boxes empty.