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Hello Church,

        We have been strongly encouraged by our conference leadership to withhold from having our normal in-person worship for the next two weeks.  We will send a link for you to access our Sunday morning worship online. 

        I've been reading about how the Church has dwelt with mass illness in the past and it's been interesting to see how the Church saw their role in being agents of HOPE and HEALING.  They took extensive measures to attend to their personal hygiene and make sure they were doing everything reasonable to stay well AND not get others sick, but at the same time, they were willing to risk becoming sick themselves as they actively cared for others.  Historians even note that the infection rate of various diseases was less in towns where Christians were present.  This was because of the intentional care being offered and because of the real hope that was filling these communities.  

We often think of illness as just a matter of germs but when people are scared, isolated, and filled with a sense of pending doom those germs have a greater foothold.  Compare this to the power of a Christian faith community breathing hope, appropriate connections, and the promise of a loving God who holds our future in His hands.  

From looking back at the saints of the Church that have come before us, I found that they did three things which I think we can model.  1. They were serious about self-care  2. That self-care was not selfish (just so they could avoid the disease) but SO they could reach out and help others. 3. They saw a very strong need for continued fellowship to support each other and remind each other of the hope we have in Jesus.  
      This will pass in time, but until then I hope you will join me in modeling these in how we care for ourselves so we can care for others and how we can continue to find appropriate ways to be together and in doing so we will breathe life in our community. 

God bless, Pastor Dave    

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